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Science & Technology-enabled Automated Reports



RisingSTAR will deliver timely, relevant and low-cost business analytics tools & services that enable companies, especially SMEs across the EU, to benefit from Big Data business analytics and reports.

This resource will meet the pressing need of EU SMEs to gain fresh intelligence, leading to improved competitiveness. Rising STAR aims to become a global leading supplier of market reports and business analytics. In doing so, we aim to encourage SMEs innovation, entrepreneurship and wealth creation.

Timely and relevant market research reports are a major source of intelligence for successful companies. Nevertheless, SMEs – which represent more than 99% of EU companies – are largely missing out the benefits of such reports due to their high cost. Rising STAR will overcome these obstacles by generating transformative, low cost market analytics.

RisingSTAR will sell high-value tools and services to enable SMEs to gain unique market insights in the form of industry profiles, which are updated regularly and automatically using Big Data and sector-specific market ontologies.The profiles will be sold through a number of commercial channels, including a dedicated website and licensed aggregators. The resulting reports will be sold in four versions:


1. One-off full-version profiles
2. Section-bases articles
3. Subscriptions
4. Bulk sales


Result & Project Goal

Rising STAR will put SMEs across Europe on a level playing field with large, commercially established competitors
in terms of best-in-class business analytics. The impact will be to create a more level playing field to business
intelligence in order to support European SMEs to drive disruptive change and innovation in their sectors.
Rising STAR will develop a Business Analytics solution that delivers specialist sector-specific and real-time
business analytics data, at a time and in a format to inform better and faster decision-making. Using the power of
Big Data– combined with client and sector-based ontologies – the STAR solution will automatically create and
update actionable industry reports. For example, STAR will create innovative software tools to automatically
source, capture, store, analyse and visualize Big Data in meaningful ways.

To achieve the intended impact, Rising STAR will research, develop and take to the market, three products:

1. Core Profiles:
A system, capable of producing market research (industry profiles) based on a predefined set of
structured corporate fundamentals and templates as the basis for a new global information product.
Our first goal is to develop series of methods, templates and rule-based algorithms for the use of corporate
datasets (fundamental data) to build a software solution which will be capable of automatically generating
premium-media format textual and graphical insightful market reports – a solution, capable of producing thousands
of industry profiles per minute.

2. Business Analytics:
A new-to-market reusable Big Data Business Analytics Platform, with simple user interface
that enables users to define, create and manage Big Data solutions as the basis for providing
“analytics-as-a-service” and bespoke visualizations.

3. Premium Profiles:
A new-to-market graphically rich, self-updating sector and company specific insights as a
combination of the results above.


Participants & Locations

A Data Pro
Sofia, Bulgaria

Idea is Everything
London, England


Team Leaders, London 

Mark Birbeck
Co-project Manager & Data Architect

Lily Darling
Co-project Manager & UX lead



Should you be interested to join the project as a partner, want to join our team or have a potential a business opportunity for us, we would love to hear from you. 

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Project Rising Star

Project number and title:
E! 9759 Rising Star: Science & Technology-enabled Reports


Number & date of financing
E-9 of 16.12.2016

Project implementation period:
16.12.2016 – 15.12.2018